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Company overview

DirectIT is a specialist demand side research centre established in 1993.

We adopt the mantle of a 'frontline marketing force' for our client organisations.

Our contribution can range from a brimming pipe line of sales opportunities, a scalable facility for managing volumes of inbound calls and emails, a thoroughly profiled database of decision makers , OR an event with more than a few registrations from interested parties.

As an outsourced extension of your marketing function, we bring a streamlined operation, accountability and identifiable success to your marketing efforts.

We thrive on positive customer outcomes and will go that extra distance to foster the type of client/agency relationship that will endure.

We are heavily focused on sectors with a high technology content and work with organisations from the very largest through to smaller companies across the region ( Australian, New Zealand and South East Asia ).

Our employees

Our research staff have a thorough understanding of modern business processes and current and emerging technologies. They are able to engage senior decision makers in Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Engineering etc in conversations that reveal concerns, motivations and requirements pertaining to targeted projects and  expenditure.

All of our researchers are employed on a fulltime basis and many have worked with DirectIT over a considerable number of years. The vast majority of our researchers have undergraduate and graduate qualifications in business, IT or marketing.

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