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Case Studies

Case Study: Inbound customer response – 'Live chat'


Client sells online elearning products (IT Certifications) into IT departments across  Australia

The company promotes its products using Google Online Adwords advertising.

Over an extended period ( 3 years ) this advertising has generated approximately 4 – 5 enquiries per day (not qualified ).

The sales model for this particular company has a minimum requirement of 16 leads per day.

The balance of the lead requirement ( 12 ) has been made up by outbound telemarketing performed by DirectIT.


Client introduced ‘Live Chat’ as a means of:

  1. Providing a convenient ‘Customer Response’ facility to the market
  2. Identifying additional sales opportunities at minimal cost

The client wanted to outsource the ‘Live Chat’ support along with the other Demand Generation activity.


The service was provided by DirectIT at no additional cost to the client.

The ‘Live Chat’ support is shared amongst the agents generating the sales leads.

The DirectIT agents engage in dialogue with those customers who respond to the Chat invitation. Whenever possible the agents progress the Chat dialogue into a phone conversation and ultimately into a qualified opportunity.


The Chat activity, on average, produces an additional 3 qualified opportunities per day. There has been negligible impact on the rate at which the agents are able to generate sales leads from normal outbound telemarketing activity.

This has constituted a 60% increase in the yield of the Google advertising (responsible for the bulk of the visitors to the website) at no additional cost the client

The conversion rate of Chat leads (qualified) is some 40% higher than the close rate with normal unqualified Google leads.

The average number of leads produced each day has increased from 16 to 19 (20% increase), with no cost increase.

Case Study: Demand generation – B2B


Client is a major global provider of IT infrastructure

The client had enjoyed considerable success in the market place but marketing efforts were viewed as haphazard.

The client had a well maintained database of existing users but preferred to go to the market periodically to acquire new data for marketing initiatives.

Whilst the new data gave client access to many valuable prospective customers, the lack of continuity with one marketing database meant that there was also lack of continuity in dealing with specific contacts within target market.

The client's requirement for qualified leads significantly outstripped the company’s ability to generate such opportunities.

The client passed all qualified leads to the sales department even though the time frame for some opportunities exceeded 12 months. Many opportunities were lost as a consequence of poor follow up.

Client’s ‘Inside Sales’ group was characterised by low productivity, low morale.


Establish a database of all targeted companies and contacts within target market. Database to be well maintained over time and made available for use with multiple marketing initiatives.

Establish criterion for separating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) from Sales Qualified Leads (SQL’s)

Generate some 500 qualified opportunities each quarter.

‘Inside Sales’ to be outsourced with responsibility for Opportunity Allocation and Opportunity Nurture.

Only SQL’s to be passed through to sales department (not MQL’s )

Medium and longer term opportunities to be nurtured until reach SQL status.


DirectIT acquired seed data acquired from List Broker.

DirectIT agents given comprehensive training by client in relation to value proposition.

Short, medium and longer term opportunities identified through DirectIT telemarketing.

SQL’s passed to client sales department and remainder of opportunities retained for Nurture.

Considerable care taken to ensure integrity of data base maintained intact.


Quarterly target of 500 SQL’s per quarter achieved. Some 35% of SQL’s produced as a consequence of nurture initiative.

At any point in time there are some 300 opportunities being Nurtured in database.

The lost opportunity rate has declined dramatically as a consequence of only SQL’s being passed to Sales Department.

Marketing database appropriately maintained and in continual use for events and other EDM activity.

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