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Inbound Customer Interactions

All customer interactions are important. Opportunity is at hand, either with the potential for increased sales or with the potential to avert problems. DirectIT’s position is to make the most of every opportunity.

'Live Chat' support

Evidence suggests that customers who engage in ‘Live Chat’ are exceedingly well qualified and conversion rates from ‘Live Chat’ to sales are usually quite high.

In addition, by offering ‘Live Chat’ for your customers, you are able to dramatically improve the Return On Investment from any other form of promotion that drives customers to your website.

We find on many occasions that our ‘Chats' turn into phone calls which in turn develop into sales opportunities.

DirectIT is able to offer ‘Live Chat’ support at no additional cost when Demand Generation is conducted on a full time basis.

Indeed the cost per opportunity identified invariably declines when ‘Live Chat’ is offered in conjunction with Demand Generation.

Web, email, phone enquiries and inbound event registrations

One centralized clearing facility for all inbound interactions is a most efficient and cost effective strategy, particularly when combined with outbound Demand Generation.

Enquiries, clarifications and concerns can be readily assessed, qualified and then redirected for appropriate follow up action.

Qualified short term sales enquiries can be routed to the sales department using a cloud based CRM.

Longer term sales opportunities can be retained for nurture and passed to Sales at a more appropriate time.

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