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Internal interactions

Identifying opportunities for the Marketing Department is only one half of the challenge. The process of allocating opportunities to sales entities (departments ) and gaining acceptance can be just as challenging.

Lead allocation

An emerging strategy for many organisations is to differentiate between Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). SQL’s are allocated to the Sales Department and MQL’s are retained for nurture until they progress to be given SQL status.

Fortunately the process of allocation of Opportunities to Sales entities is streamlined with the use of modern Cloud based CRM’s like

DirectIT is entirely familiar with this process and the need for the allocated opportunities to be Accepted early by sales entities.

As a consequence of its involvement at the front end (lead identification) and this back end process, DirectIT is essentially able to offer End to End Opportunity Management.

Pipeline reporting

With its monitoring of acceptances of SQL’s by the sales entities, DirectIT is able to gather all material in order to present Sales Pipeline Reports to client management. Such reports serve as objective assessments of the contribution of marketing departments to sales results.

Customer service feedback

For organization that have a strong customer focus, it is always deemed important to have customer feedback as it relates to the provision of a product or service or as it relates to a sales process.

DirectIT is experienced in gaining honest and open feedback. Our clients find this service of particular value when it is applied early in the sales process. Positive feedback can substantiate a sales pipeline and Negative feedback can, of course, have the opposite effect, though with early warning there is always an opportunity to intervene.

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