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Marketing database management

Data acquisition

DirectIT has close contact with many list brokers and is able to source data with a wide range of specifications. In addition we maintain our own database of some 7000 IT contacts across 4000 national organisations.

Once seed data is in place, it may be necessary to identify additional, specific contacts by making calls to  targeted organisations.

The data acquisition process is usually completed with an ‘Opt In’ process to receive authority from customers, for the sending of electronic communications.

DirectIT currently uses the cloud based Customer Relationship Management systems to hold and maintain data..

Database profiling

DirectIT has considerable experience in researching target markets to acquire company/site specific information other than contacts. Typically of this sort of detail is:

  • Current Systems in place
  • Numbers of users
  • Expected date of revision

Database maintenance

The database set up processes of acquisition and profiling may be time consuming and expensive. It is therefore important to ensure that the data asset is well maintained over time.

Where DirectIT  recycles through a database over time with outbound calls, data is typically kept up to date.  Where contact with a database is sporadic, it may be necessary to schedule revisits to the data in order to keep it up to date.

Electronic digital marketing (EDM)

DirectIT has considerable experience in constructing and dispatching EDM pieces to targeted databases using the inherit capabilities of the selected CRM.

Phone dialogue with customers is usually followed up with an EDM piece or email confirming points of agreement.

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