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Outbound customer interactions

Direct Outbound customer interaction ( telemarketing) is a most effective way of identifying opportunity.

Demand Generation

DirectIT has specialist skills in eliciting detailed customer information through probing dialogue and then matching this, where appropriate, with client product and service value propositions.

Rigour is applied to the process through the application of a BANT qualification process.

  • Budget
  • Authority
  • Need
  • Timeframe

Customer calls can be placed as follows:

  • Follow up to customer events
  • Follow up to the sending of mail or email messaging
  • Straight cold calls following on from a database creation process.

Customer Nurture

The market for IT products and services is characterized by scheduled expenditure and constrained by annual budgets and project deadlines.

Whilst it is always desirable to identify opportunity early in an acquisition cycle, overstepping involvement at the wrong time can result in wasted effort and sometimes be deemed counterproductive.

DirectIT enjoys considerable success in nurturing customer contact on behalf of our clients, providing certainty that opportunity will not be missed and at the same time ensuring that positive relationships are developed and not threatened.

Our observations suggest that a successful Nurture program can increase the real yield (identification of sales qualified leads) of other marketing programs by as much as 40%.

Event Registrations (Teleboosting)

We find that competent telemarketing follow up to event invitations increases registration rates by 60% - 70%

Given the investment that goes into staging an event, it is highly recommended that telemarketing support is provided both with initial registrations and reminder calls in the 24 hours immediately before the event.

Our agents are competent in securing event registrations both at the technical level for large events and at the senior management level for the more exclusive events. Nonetheless, a value proposition needs to be well argued at both levels.

Customer Service Interactions

Soliciting customer feedback is an invaluable way of understanding performance levels within the organization. The feedback can reflect on performance: presales, sales, post sales and service.

Closing the loop on other interactions can present as a worthwhile reality check for organisations.

DirectIT agents are able to quickly establish the rapport with customers that encourages honest and expansive comment.

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